canard aircraft

canard aircraft
ЛА (аэродинамической балансировочной) схемы "утка"

Авиасловарь. . 2004.

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  • Canard (aeronautics) — In aeronautics, canard (French for duck) is an airframe configuration of fixed wing aircraft in which the tailplane is ahead of the main wing, rather than behind them as in conventional aircraft.Crane, Dale: Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms,… …   Wikipedia

  • Canard — is a French word for a duck, and is often used in English to refer to a deliberately false story, originating from an abbreviated form of an old French idiom, vendre un canard à moitié , meaning to half sell a duck. In French it can also mean a… …   Wikipedia

  • Aircraft diesel engine — Thielert Centurion aircraft diesel engine. The aircraft diesel engine or aero diesel has not been widely used as an aircraft engine. Diesel engines were used in airships and were tried in aircraft in the late 1920s …   Wikipedia

  • canard — [kə närd′] n. [Fr, a duck, hoax; prob. < can, echoic for duck s quack + ard, ARD; short for (vendre) un canard (à moitié), lit., (to half sell) a duck, i.e., to cheat] 1. a false, esp. malicious, report that has been fabricated with the… …   English World dictionary

  • Aircraft flight mechanics — In aeronautics, aircraft flight mechanics is the study of the forces that act on an aircraft in flight, and the way the aircraft responds to those forces. [Clancy, L.J. Aerodynamics . Section 14.1] Aircraft flight mechanics are relevant to… …   Wikipedia

  • Canard Voisin — The Canard Voisin was a plane developed by Gabriel and Charles Voisin in 1910. Original in design, with its main wings positioned at the back, the Canard Voisin was a very popular aircraft during the first decades of the 20th century. With the… …   Wikipedia

  • Canard — North American XB 70 Als Canard oder Entenflugzeug bzw. Entenflügler bezeichnet man ein Flugzeug, bei dem das Höhenleitwerk nicht konventionell am hinteren Ende des Flugzeugs montiert ist, sondern vor der Tragfläche an der Flugzeugnase. Man… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Canard Rotor/Wing — The Canard Rotor Wing (CRW) is a class of VTOL aircraft capable of both fixed wing and rotary wing flight. For vertical take off, hovering, low speed flight, and vertical landing, the main airfoil is spun like a helicopter s rotor by directing… …   Wikipedia

  • Aircraft dope — 2699 a World War I Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2 finished in a clear (non coloured) dope Aircraft dope is a plasticised lacquer that is applied to fabric covered aircraft. It tautens and stiffens fabric stretched over airframes and renders them… …   Wikipedia

  • canard — noun Etymology: French, literally, duck; in sense 1, from Middle French vendre des canards à moitié to cheat, literally, to half sell ducks Date: 1851 1. a. a false or unfounded report or story; especially a fabricated report b. a groundless… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • canard — noun a) A false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so. It’s a cinch, now that Spurling has cleared away a century’s worth of misapprehensions and canards. b) A type of aircraft in which the primary horizontal control and… …   Wiktionary

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